Taking control

Story from F.B.  USA.

   As I promised at your seminar in Chicago on October 27, I am reporting the results of my cataract surgery. At the time I was having a problem receiving approval for the surgery from my physician due to my elevated blood pressure.
    After the instruction you provided at the seminar, in a weeks time I was able to lower it to an acceptable level. I went to the hospital several days ago for the surgery. When the surgical nurse initially took my blood pressure she exclaimed "Oh my, I'm afraid that's too high for surgery today". The reading was 175/115. Then she left to consult with the surgeon. Fortunately he was running behind schedule so I had 30 minutes to seek my 'Peaceful Place'.
   From your teaching I remember that you cannot 'force' yourself there so I just tried to float away. Now the one part that I hadn't fully understood in playing your CD is the difference between the 'relaxing place' and the 'peaceful place.' To me they could be one and the same. I think you even suggested that in your 3 Hour Seminar.
   I had my relaxing place clearly in my mind. A bench under a magnificent oak tree, with bright green grass bordered with colorful flowers looking out to a beautiful blue lake. This was a scene almost exactly as one described in your lesson. To me this was both places.
   With the urgency of time I was having difficulty blanking out thoughts of surgery, etc. Then all of a sudden I visualized a pathway leading up over the lake to a mountain of clouds. As I reached the top I clearly saw the image of my mother who had passed away many decades ago. I sat down beside her on a soft mound of clouds and felt her hand on my shoulder and a light breeze on my face. Instantly all tensions flooded out of me and I was completely relaxed. This truly was my Peaceful Place!
   Within moments the nurse returned and looking at the monitor on the wall over my head she gasped, "What on earth did you do?" The digital gauge read 135/82! I was tempted to answer that it was really nothing on earth but time was too short to get into that. The surgery proceeded perfectly and my sight is now better than it has been in years.
    I must admit that I have been a worrier for most of my life. I have dozens of self-help books dating from the 1950's to this year. A number of them promote techniques not too different from yours. But what had made your program so much more effective for me was attending the seminar and meeting you in person. Now when I play the CDs and hear your voice it seems so much more personal, as if you are speaking directly to me - which of course you are!
   Now my challenge is to stay the course and not stray away as can happen when you think that you have conquered your fears once and for all. That is when one can slip back into the abyss.

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