Story from T.S.  NSW (as told to Sandy)

A friend of mine was diagnosed as having cancer and started to have chemotherapy which created extreme nausea and sickness for 10 days after the treatment.  There was nothing for it but to stay in bed for the entire 10 days.  Then this friend started to use the Guided Imagery Tape PP 4 - Healing Yourself, and reduced that sick time in bed after the chemotherapy from 10 to 3 days.  The way this particular person visualised the cancer was as a bunch of grapes which were dirty, withered, old, dry grapes.  Then the visualisation moved to picking off the old, dry grapes, and as the grapes were picked off each day, one day something was noticed.  My friend rang me quite excitedly and said "Hey I saw new shoots today!", and in the visualisation new shoots growing had very clearly been seen.  A short while later there was much concern because suddenly there was nothing to be seen at all.  This person then went to the doctor soon afterwards and was told "It's gone - it's officially in remission."

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