Positive thinking

Story from R.T.  Vic

Just a quick note to let you know that my daughter and I had a fantastic time with you and the workshop group in Sydney on the weekend seminar.  So many positives came out of it for both of us.  Here's an example to show how fast your techniques work.  I am typically a nervous flyer and I usually have a lot of self talk going on about things like - the plane crashing, or we're up too high - or what if that engine drops off - is the pilot OK - how can he see through this cloud - are we about to fly into a mountain, etc... - makes me feel agitated and tense.  But on the flight home I was able to use my PP, combined with the goal of "I enjoy flying, flying is fun".  Not one negative thought was able to break through - no self talk describing mid air plunges, etc... I felt totally relaxed and even enjoyed the bumpy sensations as we dropped through the cloud to make a landing.  I was very pleased to be able to use the techniques almost immediately - thanks for that.

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