Story from M.K. QLD

I'm writing to let you know that I have come a long way since we last saw each other. I feel like I am a different person. Everyday I get a little stronger and my mind becomes clearer and more trusting – happier with who I am and where I am at.

I also picked up my act with my dancing and started studying hard for my full teachers diploma. Previous to this I was neglecting my study. I went to more dance classes and I started a gym program. With my casual hours at work I found time to really commit myself to the gym and it wasn't long before I was hooked on exercise. I started feeling well again — lots of fresh fruit and vegies, and I got my parents eating well with me. It was easier with them. So things slowly started to get better. I lost weight. I got fit again, started feeling better about myself and looking towards a positive future. I passed my full teachers diploma, so I'm now fully qualified! The greatest thing that has happened is this... I'm Working at Seaworld on the Gold Coast.

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