Story from G.K

Sandy, I mentioned to you during our telephone conversation that I felt that I have returned from this ski trip with an Olympic gold medal.  This feeling has come about by reaching a goal that in past years I thought was beyond my grasp.  My goal was to be able to ski in bottomless powder snow in extremely steep terrain in the wilderness mountains of Canada.  Previously, fear would prevent me from handling these slopes with any form of competence.  I would be unbelievably tense and I would actually hold my breath until I was forced to stop due to lack of oxygen.

For some weeks before leaving Australia, I used your technique of being in a totally relaxed state of mind in my peaceful place.  While in this state of mind I would visualise these same ski slopes.  In my mind I would experience the exhilaration of skiing.  I would feel the wind rushing past me, the powder snow pluming over my head.  I could feel my legs working the skis and I felt relaxed and confident.

When in reality, I started down these same ski slopes, I was more than thrilled to find that I was relaxed and I was skiing exactly as I had visualised.  I was no longer holding my breath from utter terror.

  The same group of people have been going to this area for some years and their positive comments regarding my improvement was tremendous reinforcement for the sense of achievement that I was feeling.  And yes, I gave myself a pat on the back for doing something that I had been unable to do because of self imposed doubts and negative thoughts.

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