Story from M.J, Vic

I came to your seminar because my husband thought you may be able to help me to remain calm and get through my dog judging exam. I had failed the practical exam twice, a major cause being my nerves—I could not handle the intense pressure and felt totally intimidated by the three examiners. Well, I am writing to tell you I have used a combination of coloured pens and making mind charts for each breed of dog to do my study. I have gone regularly to my Peaceful Place and then visualised the exam, from arriving, what I would wear, how I would remain calm and focused on each breed, assessing it against the standard. I visualised different breeds each time and how I could find the best one because I had done the study.

Well I passed!! From January 1998 I will have a license to judge Group 5 dogs anywhere in the world. A local club has already offered me an appointment and all this since Saturday. One of the examiners commented he couldn’t believe the shaking wreck, gibbering garbage 2 years ago, was now so calm and focused. I just wanted to say thank you for teaching me to use my brain and mind to achieve my dream.

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