Story from D.J, Vic

Over the past five years my netball team has been in five grand finals and won only one. We play well all season but at finals time we drop our bundle big time, mainly due to nerves. We literally forget how to play and run around the court looking as though we’ve never played together before in our lives!

That was until I attended your Life Skills Seminar where I learnt (amongst other valuable things) creative visualisation. My ‘pep talk’ to the girls leading up to the grand final last Wednesday was:

“Visualise your individual performance and imagine that you are playing the best you’ve ever played. See that we’re setting up play and creating space.

We are playing better than the other team and we are not getting distracted by the other team. Visualise the victory at the end of the game and actually feel how good it is.”

I personally put my winning trophy on the mantelpiece in my Peaceful Place and got my butterflies (all 3 million of them) flying in rotation. Well, I am ecstatic to say that it worked. We won the grand final by 10 goals no less! It was the most fantastic feeling and greatest sense of achievement I have ever experienced. We all agree that we played like a different team, but this time a much better one. Thank you Sandy for such a worthwhile and necessary weekend.

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