CHI Seminar

Story from C.A. TAS

Thank you for putting so much positive energy into your CHI live-in seminar. Before participating in your seminar, I was going in all directions, not knowing where to start and which way to go. With your guidance I was able to work out "my life's purpose, now" and to set my goals for the next 5 years. You have shown me the right tools, how to achieve my goals, and I can assure you wonderful things are happening to me, and around me since then. It is very exciting, and I am so happy that I could learn all this. I can only highly recommend this wonderful experience. I am very confident now and focus easily on my directions. I have gained a higher understanding what life is all about. I am meditating every day and I am very conscious about my positive thoughts. Although we were all strangers, we got to know each other so well within that short period of time. We shared our deepest feelings, tears, laughter, had so much fun and it was bliss for everybody. The whole seminar was so well organised — well done Sandy!

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