Meditation techniques

Story from H.R.  Qld

I've waited some time before replying to your various messages and your email which you sent when I first ordered your meditation CDs and then the music. As I told you then (but don't expect you to remember) I was last year diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer and in addition to the treatment I was to undertake, felt I needed further spiritual assistance. Hence to move towards meditation. I believe the body listens to the mind. So I undertook your suggested program conscientiously and found it an immediate help. I put in some twists of my own which may help other cancer sufferers-- the two most powerful images were of little white corpuscle men running around with big needles bursting black cancer cells and (against a background of washing waves) a dead crab being tossed onto the shore by the sea)-- The Crab is Dead. I don't know whether it all helped  but I do know that I am now in remission with very bright hopes for the future. With cancer ,Time is the prize, as new treatment methods are being developed all the time. Thanks Sandy.

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