Control Taking

Story from M.E. VIC

This is a long delayed, but no less sincere 'thank you' for the wonderful CALM Seminar I attended.  I have been a housewife for 24 years after marrying and having 4 children.  Prior to that I was a Management Consultant.  Needless to say in the family-raising years that followed, my business skills, especially in communication and self-confidence, diminished somewhat.  I found it difficult to set meaningful goals, although I often made lists of what to do for the day – or even the week.  That's as far as it got.  I noticed my self talk was not always as positive as I would have liked, nor was my memory what I'd wish it to be.  Goals were never set – I just drifted along, not daring to believe that my goals were really achievable.  Since completing the CALM Seminar I've been more positive, more calm.  My memory has improved.  I'm making a conscious effort to set goals and can see they are achievable.  For the very first time in my life I feel I'm getting to be in control.  'If it is to be, it's up to me' was just a platitude.

Being able to feel that sense of control has given me more self confidence.  I feel very optimistic about the future.  I know I have a purpose.  I feel capable.  My PP is so special to me I go there many, many times a day to let go of all negativity.  To just BE.  It's my special place where I feel only GOOD.

The whole seminar was extremely well presented, kept lively and very informative, invaluable in its scope and variety and accessible to folk of different backgrounds and belief.  It's been of great help to me Sandy and I'm very indebted and grateful to you for such a fine program.  Sandy, congratulations and thank you HEAPS for all you've done and are doing.

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