Children's Seminar Stories

Story from H.A.

Doing your Children’s Seminar helped me so much with all kinds of things!  I practise my PP about 10 times a day - when I first started it was 15-20 times a day.  I can now do the PP anywhere, noisy or quiet.  I use it for academic purposes, sport, and any other ordinary things such as getting to sleep or hiccups.  My first goals were for swimming.  I used PP in school competitions and furthered my participation to the finals at Regional to which I have never got before.  I then continued to set other goals - this time for scholarship tests to High School.  The PP and my ability gained me 4 scholarships! I was (and am) overjoyed!  Still I set goals and this time in Cross Country and Athletics.  I achieved 7th place at District for 3 km and 1st place in 800 metres athletics and gained 3rd place in long jump.  Thank you so much for your course! I would recommend it to anyone.

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